Kitchen Interiors Inc.
251 Worcester Road Natick, MA 01760
Showroom Hours: M-F: 10-5, Sat: 10-4, Sun: apt

A classic house gets a modern makeover. White paint and chrome touches make this a timeless kitchen. Add black granite, white marble, and a rich wood floor to complete the recipe for success.

Designer: Richard Kane

Spice Things Up

With extra storage tucked away behind decorative columns, this kitchen is both functional and beautiful. There are many places storage can hide, it’s our job to find them.


Mixed & Matched

Today’s kitchen calls for more than one surface to work on. With more people cooking and more people hanging around the chef’s area, extra countertop space is king.

Not Just Chips

Sure having a water cooler in the kitchen is great, but until Poland Springs redesigns their units, we prefer to place them behind closed doors on a roll out shelf. Pantries have come alive, they’re home to all kinds of items.

Smart Panels

To complete any custom kitchen appliance panels are a must. Stainless steel is beautiful, but like anything else it should be presented in moderation. Wood panels help keep clean lines and add richness to your space.

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