Kitchen Interiors Inc.
251 Worcester Road Natick, MA 01760
Showroom Hours: M-F: 10-5, Sat: 10-4, Sun: apt


Design Solutions & Project Management

Keeping you & your clients happy is our number one priority. We do this by keeping in constant communication with both both parties during the design process, the budget refinements, installation, and beyond. We play host to some of the best customer service in the industry.


Step 1: Design

Whether you want us to apply design suggestions and detailed refinements to an existing design or a create fully managed conceptual layout we can accommodate your needs. You want someone who can implement your vision and give your client the look and feel you are going for. We have been doing this in a variety of settings for decades and we know what it takes.

  • Full Design Services Available
  • “No Ego” Design Assistance
  • Creative Solutions
  • Huge Variety of Styles

Step 2: Budget

We carry 6 custom cabinet lines at 6 different price points. This allows us to value engineer any project. We work with you & your clients to get the budget right, whether it means a redesign or switching manufacturers.

  • Estimates are Free
  • Flexible Price Points
  • Revise Until it’s Right

Step 3: Planning

We field measure every job to make sure you are getting a great fitting kitchen. We check the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC at multiple stages of the job and work with you on all planning details.

  • Field Measures
  • Work Directly with Builders & Subcontractors
  • Appliances Specifications
  • Installation Details

Step 4: Delivery

We make sure to contact you with all delivery information as it
becomes available. You are always in the loop and we’ll make
sure there are no surprises.


Step 5: Installation

You want a cabinet company to be readily available to answer your
questions and that’s exactly what we do. If we are not installing the
products we make sure to deliver top notch plans with detailed
installation instructions so your installer never gets lost. We also
work with you before the products arrive to make sure the job
installs as seamless as possible.


Step 6: Customer Service

The most important time in any job is after completion. This is the
critical time where referrals can be won or lost. We stand by our
manufacturers warranty and make sure our clients get a final
product that leaves them smiling.


Step 7: Contact Us!

We’re happy to sit down with you to discuss your project and answer
all of your questions. Make an appointment with a Designer now:
508-655-4138 Give us an hour and you’ll leave with a working knowledge
of what to expect from us and where we can go next. Imagine the
confidence you’ll have knowing your clients will be working with professional
designers who know the road ahead.


Food 4 Thought

What's important to you and your job? Does your cabinet provider give you:

Planning Design Reliability Pricing Service Experience Variety Attention Expertise Ease Saving Time

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