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Glass is In?

The design world has seen many changes in recent years and more and more of them are showing up in the kitchen. One of my favorite innovations has to be glass countertops. According to: Glass countertops are the newest product trend in Kitchen & Bath showrooms and here's why.


The touches and details you add to your kitchen can make or break any design. The good new is a couple of SMALL details can make a HUGE difference. You know from your own line of work (whatever it may be) that when something is a missing the final touch it just doesn’t feel right... does it? Well kitchen design is no different.

Where You Live

Everyone knows where most of their time is spent... The KITCHEN. This is no secret. Modern families are spending more and more time in and around the kitchen. This is great news for you and for us... Why? Many brilliant designers, engineers and architects are working to make your time spent in your favorite room more pleasurable.

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