Glass is In?

The design world has seen many changes in recent years and more and more of them are showing up in the kitchen. One of my favorite innovations has to be glass countertops. According to: Glass countertops are the newest product trend in Kitchen & Bath showrooms and here’s why.

Glass countertops have a high-end appearance that distinguishes them from common countertop materials such as granite or synthetic surfaces. All glass countertops produced by ThinkGlass are uniquely manufactured in 1.5 inch thick pure glass or thicker if you prefer - available in 1.5 inch (36mm), 2 inches (48 mm) or 3 inches (72 mm)

Every glass countertop can be customized with a choice of texture, color and finish to give it its unique characteristics.

As the only transparent countertop material, glass can further accent a kitchen or bathroom design by coordinating it with a colored or textured cabinet top.